Can-Do Copywriting That Gets Results

We're living in interesting times. Never before have we been so connected to colleagues, customers or prospects.

That means the opportunity to sell yourself and your product or service has never been greater. By utilizing the right combination of print, e-mail and the web for your business, you can get greater value for fewer ad dollars than ever before.

I'm an independent copywriter and consultant with more than 25 years of strategic marketing and direct response experience. I write websites, ads, brochures, e-newsletters, landing pages, and content pages that help my clients...
  • Get out there, and get known
  • Transform ineffective promotional materials into relevant, benefit-driven copy
  • Develop product offers that boost sales
  • Connect with customers and prospects using the most cost-effective means
  • Create points of "stickiness" so buyers keep coming back
My clients range from small mom-and-pop shops, to publishers like Conde Nast and Hearst, to organizations that include Steuben, Citibank, Tourneau, The St. Regis Hotel, Pace University and American Express.

I work with experienced sub-vendors who provide the technical expertise needed for mobile and social media campaigns.

I write all my own copy. So when you hire me, you get me. That means you get strategy, copy and execution that generate the results you want. Simple edits are free and come with my 100% guarantee of satisfaction.

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